Sunday, April 30, 2006

Now, This Is Just F*cking Scary!

Bush challenges hundreds of laws

President cites powers of his office

By Charlie Savage, Globe Staff April 30, 2006

WASHINGTON -- President Bush has quietly claimed the authority to disobey more than 750 laws enacted since he took office, asserting that he has the power to set aside any statute passed by Congress when it conflicts with his interpretation of the Constitution.

Among the laws Bush said he can ignore are military rules and regulations, affirmative-action provisions, requirements that Congress be told about immigration services problems, ''whistle-blower" protections for nuclear regulatory officials, and safeguards against political interference in federally funded research.

Legal scholars say the scope and aggression of Bush's assertions that he can bypass laws represent a concerted effort to expand his power at the expense of Congress, upsetting the balance between the branches of government. The Constitution is clear in assigning to Congress the power to write the laws and to the president a duty ''to take care that the laws be faithfully executed." Bush, however, has repeatedly declared that he does not need to ''execute" a law he believes is unconstitutional.

Many legal scholars say they believe that Bush's theory about his own powers goes too far and that he is seizing for himself some of the law-making role of Congress and the Constitution-interpreting role of the courts.



Hastert Hypocrisy Exposed

House Speaker Dennis Hastert of Ill., center, gets out of a Hydrogen Alternative Fueled automobile, left, as he prepares to board his SUV, which uses gasoline, after holding a news conference at a local gas station in Washington, Thursday, April 27, 2006 to discuss the recent rise in gas prices. Hastert and other members of Congress drove off in the Hydrogen-Fueled cars only to switch to their official cars to drive the few blocks back to the U.S. Capitol. SOURCE

Friday, April 28, 2006


Ever thought about what you'd put on your tombstone? Well, now you can actually see what your chosen words will look like. CLICK HERE to visit the Tombstone Generator or click on the image.

Random Kitten Generator

VISIT THE WEBSITE and just keep clicking to see more and more and more pictures of kittens like these:
Awwww... how cute...

Monday, April 24, 2006

Taliban Barbie

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Take time to blog the roses

Take time to blog the roses
Gardening blogs offer advice, reflections, beauty and wit
By Kate KingCNN

Thursday, April 6, 2006; Posted: 2:09 p.m. EDT (18:09 GMT)

Where there's passion, you'll find blogs, and gardening is no exception. Gardening blogs range from serious dissertations on plants, soil and climate, to fanciful musings and poetry accompanied by artistic pictures of flowers.

Most of the blogs are not limited to gardens. The gardeners have lives beyond their flower beds, and they share their happy, sad and funny moments with their readers. Of course, there are many other blogs that are more official and exhaustive, and less personal.

One place to find links to scores of blogs is GardenWeb, an online resource for gardeners, which has a section called "Voices" that offers "clippings" from blogs and other online sources. Also, the Providence Journal's Sheila Lennon maintains a blog, Subterranean Homepage News, with links to a long list of gardening blogs, including descriptions and quotes.


Some gardening blogs:

John Andrews Thoughts
Calendula & Concrete
Sign of the Shovel
Cincinnati Cape Cod
Growing with Plants
In My Kitchen Garden
You Grow Girl
Nancy's Garden Spot
The Inside Dirt Blog
Takoma Gardener
Gardening and Yardening
Garden Voices
Subterranean Homepage News Garden Blogs

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Air Force One Subject of Internet Hoax

WASHINGTON (AP) - A startling Internet video that shows someone spraying graffiti on President Bush's jet looked so authentic that the Air Force wasn't immediately certain whether the plane had been targeted.

It was all a hoax. No one actually sprayed the slogan "Still Free" on the cowling of Air Force One. The pranksters responsible for the grainy, two-minute Web video _ employed by a New York fashion company _ revealed Friday how they pulled it off: a rented 747 in California painted to look almost exactly like Air Force One.

"I wanted to do something culturally significant, wanted to create a real pop-culture moment," said Marc Ecko of Marc Ecko Enterprises. "It's this completely irreverent, over-the-top thing that could really never happen: this five-dollar can of paint putting a pimple on this Goliath."



Hoax video:

Air Force One:

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

'Today Show' Recipe Search

'Today Show'
Recipe Search

Looking for tips on how to create one of the great dishes you saw on “Today”? If so, look no further. You can simply type a word or phrase into the search box and click the “Search” button.

Expand and refine your recipe searches by cuisine, season/holiday, meal/course or main ingredient. Just choose from one or more of the selections and then hit “Search.” You can search for any combination of keywords and categories.

When searching by Meal/Course or Main Ingredients, you can choose to include ANY of the checked items in your search. That will produce a broad search and return more recipes. Or you can require that your search match ALL of the checked items, producing a narrower search and fewer recipes.


Monday, April 17, 2006

A Hippie Bed & Breakfast

The Red Victorian
Bed, Breakfast, & Art
1665 Haight Street
San Francisco, CA 94117
Phone:(415) 864-1978 Fax: (415) 863-3293

The Red Vic B&B is more than just an historic hotel on world-famous Haight Street near Golden Gate Park. It is a peaceful world travelers hotel, a cozy, comfortable, friendly gathering place for people, ideals, and ideas for a better world. We prefer personal relationships over TV, reasonable prices over mazimum profits. We are a business founded on love and dedicated to doing our utmost for a just and sustainable world.

The Red Victorian was constructed as the Jefferson Hotel in 1904, serving as a country resort hotel for folks coming from the city of San Francisco to take the fresh air of the then-developing Golden Gate Park. In 1967 the Sumer of Love exploded on the scene. The Red Vic was dubbed the "Jeffrey Haight" and its room became a "crash pad" for the flower children and hippies.

Sami Sunchild acquired, painted and named the building The Red Victorian in 1977, dedicating it to peace, ecology and global friendship. The Red Victorian has no connection with the movie theater other than the fact they liked the name and decided in 1980 to use it too.



271 Ways to Enjoy Toast

145 Pancake Recipes
Do you love breakfast? Find hundreds of breakfast recipes, menus, traditions at Mr.! I put just two sample indexes of recipes above, for toast and pancakes. You can click on those links or VISIT THE MAIN WEBSITE.

8-Track Heaven

8-Track Heaven
Your Guide to the World of 8-Track Tapes

We're digital online but analog at heart. Everything for the collector, the fanatic or the curiosity seeker: 8-tracks, 4-tracks, 2-tracks, players, quad, history, classified ads, new releases, dealers & resources, pictures & sounds, Hall of Fame, and more!

Go there!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Grow-Your-Own Test Tube Meat

In work by various labs in the United States, the Netherlands and Australia (reported by Toronto's Globe and Mail in March), meat was grown in test tubes, and such dishes may yet be a staple in progressive kitchens. "Before bed, throw starter cells and a package of growth medium into the (coffee maker-sized) meat maker and wake up to harvest-fresh sausage for breakfast," wrote the Globe and Mail. Engineered meat would taste like beef or pork, but could be created to be as healthful as salmon. One private group told researchers it was interested in growing human meat, but funding for any of the work will be difficult, said a Medical University of South Carolina scientist. [Globe and Mail, 3-27-06]

You know... we used to speculate a lot in high school about the food in the cafeteria and where it came from...

Check out News of the Weird

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Demeter Fun Fragrances

I remember after yet another mostly boring day at high school while hanging out with one of my hippie girlfriends, that she was burning the most delicious-smelling incense so I asked her what fragrance that was (I'd been in the Sandlewood rut far too long and needed to break out). She told me, "It's jasmine." Mmmmm... jasmine became my new favorite fragrance... for everything. Now, some forty years later, Jasmin by Le Galion is still my favorite fragrance (Chanel No. 5 and No. 19 being close seconds).

I so love the scents of Mother Nature that even the ones that can only pretend they smell like something natural so they "borrow" the name, will at least catch my attention long enough to investigate. I hate it when something that you expect to be light and natural with a slight citrus or floral base smells like the inside of a steel factory with a heavy metallic odor. Or worse, it smells like the inside of a dungeon. Or worst of all, smells like an armpit.

My first year of college was devoted to a natural "rain" scent toilet water that was very light, almost-not-there-at-all light, with no perfumy odor. Just a hint of something soft. Of course, it smelled nothing like real rain.

Then I loved the fragrance of just stepping out of the shower and smelling like soap. Just being fresh and clean was the best scent of all. So, when Love's Baby Soft came out, I thought that was a great concept - to make a fragrance that smelled like baby powder. Unfortunately, the result was a bit strident, a bit mediciney, for my liking. The stench could be overpowering if too much got used.

I think I've probably posted about Demeter once before, in a list of places online that looked to be an interesting visit when web surfing. And here it is again since I just ran across the name once more.

Demeter carries all sorts of heretofore unimaginable as fragrances fragrances. Some scents they carry are: Cotton Candy, Grass, Suntan Lotion, Pink Lemonade, Angel Food, Apple Pie, Sushi, Fireplace, Pipe Tobacco, Cocktail, Cinnamon Bun, Graham, and Glue. True, all their various scents are packaged and marketed as to-be-worn-on-a-person fragrances, but I'm guessing some of their wilder flavors might be good room scents.


Florida and Ohio Residents! Your "Privacy" Does Not Exist and You Have No Right to Privacy at All!

Update: Fla. residents' data exposure a statewide issue Social Security numbers, bank info is available via county Web sites

APRIL 11, 2006 (COMPUTERWORLD) - The Social Security numbers, driver's license information and bank account details belonging to potentially millions of current and former residents of Florida are available to anyone on the Internet because sensitive information has not been redacted from public records being posted on the county Web sites.

Although questions about the availability of personal data online initially focused on Broward County, an official there stressed today that all counties in Florida are subject to the same state law. A spot check of other county Web sites confirmed that sensitive data is easily available through public property records.

In fact, according to Sue Baldwin, director of the Broward County Records Division, counties across the nation face the same issue.

"Land records are public all over the country, this is not a new situation," said Baldwin, adding that the same issue affects "all the counties in Florida ... [and] lots of states."

In fact, the Ohio Secretary of State is being sued for posting residents’ Social Security numbers for years on state Web sites where publicly searchable records are stored (see "Ohio secretary of state sued over ID info posted online").

"All this information has been out there and available since the beginning of time," she said. "It was out there and the people who were educated about it knew it was there. It's been online since 1999."


Think you're safe because you don't live in Ohio or Florida? Think again! There's a whole lot of information, PRIVATE information, about YOU that's available online to ANYONE and it is available in almost EVERY State.

Monday, April 03, 2006

01:02:03 04/05/06

Wednesday of this week, at two minutes and three seconds after 1:00 in the morning, the time and date will be 01:02:03 04/05/06. It will not happen again for a thousand years.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Campbell's Soup New Flavor

The Editorial Cartoons of Clay Bennet


This guy's stuff is good.