Thursday, February 28, 2008

Would you like, actually get married in these weird wedding gowns?

Some of these are so funny (like the bride dress made out of condoms) you sort of figure they have to be a joke from the get-go. But, I think some of these folks are SERIOUS. Like, they really think these are great wedding dresses.

Some examples:

The Toilet Paper Wedding Dress

The Condom Dress

The Wedding Dress for a Pregnant Bride

You know, in the olden days, pregnant brides prayed that their families (and anyone else) couldn't count backwards from nine months. This used to be secret stuff.

The Greenhouse Ring

Wear a ring and grow a live plant at the same time. Really.

Oh, I see, there is no link to actually buy it but there are for other strange rings to be found on the same page, including the "pistol ring." That's right, a ring that can shoot people dead... on your finger.

Breast Massage Robot

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...

Methuselah, Earth's Oldest Inhabitant

Earth's oldest living inhabitant "Methuselah" at 4,767 years, has lived more than a millennium longer than any other tree. Discover how these trees were found and where they live. Learn of their unique strategies for survival.

Oh, wow. You have got to check out the NOVA website on the bristlecone pines and the Methuselah grove. Be sure to click for their 360 degree panoramic views.

NOVA and other sites do not offer photos of the actual Methuselah tree. Something about protecting it from the creeps of this world.

Rectal Foreign Bodies

The things that people will cram into a space never intended to be crammed with such foreign objects...VISIT THE WEBSITE.

Some of the stories just make you want to say, "Ouch!" like the 100-watt light bulb story . Of course, there's always the X-ray Archive.

Celebrating Wildflowers Coloring Books

Celebrating Wildflowers
Coloring Books

"Nobody sees a flower,
really -- it is so small -- we haven't time,
and to see takes time, like to have a friend takes time."
- Georgia O'Keeffe

Learning to love and appreciate nature can start at any age. You can Celebrate Wildflowers in your own home by using the Plant Conservation Alliance's Coloring Books for the Northwest and Texas Hill Country. Each Coloring Book also has an educational section discussing various topics dealing with plants. The On-Line Gallery gives kids an opportunity to send in their coloring for display on the web.

If you are interested in working on drawings or text for a coloring book for other areas, please contact us at the e-mail address below.

Northwest Coloring Book

Texas Hill Country Coloring Book

On-Line Gallery

Other On-Line Botanical Coloring Books

Botanical Coloring Books List

Wildflower Resources for Teachers

On-line Wildflower Events Directory (US and Canada)

Plant Conservation Alliance Website

Celebrating Wildflowers Website

Comments, suggestions, and questions may be directed to


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Now I'm interested in this stuff, after discovering the model pirate ship (in the previous post, below). You can make all kinds of things out of paper - some are printed out templates that you cut and put together and others might be origami. It's all fascinating. This Wikipedia article gives a general history and overview of the craft.
Here are a few more helpful links:

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Wicked Wench Model Ship Papercraft

Wicked Wench Papercraft
The Wicked Wench

The Disney Website has a section on papercrafts that, by the looks of this particular example, seems quite amazing. The "Wicked Wench" is a model of one of the ships from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

Some basic data on this particular model:

Difficulty Level: 9

Tools:Scissors, X-acto Knife*, Glue, Printer, Adobe® Reader®, Needle, Black Thread (optional), Tape (optional), Ruler, Size 10 Crochet Thread (recommended), Tweezers (optional).
*X-acto knives are VERY DANGEROUS! Any knife is dangerous; use with caution.

Specifications:Height: 18.5", Width: 7.5", Length: 22"

Free Model Parts:
Model Instructions
Model Parts #1
Model Parts #2
Model Parts #3
Model Parts #4
Model Parts #5

I removed the hyperlinks to the individual instructions and parts because I think you really need to go to the webpage for this whole item and here is that link (you will find all other included links there).

Here's the link to the Disney general papermodel page. I suspect it might redirect you to the main entry page for the whole crafty thing and then you just click on the sidebar link to papermodels but this really is the link to that specific page.

Some of the other papermodels are:

Click on the images to go to that model's webpage

NOTE: Some links open on websites outside the main Disney link for papercrafts


20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Nautilus Paper Model


Alice in Wonderland Creatures Paper Models


Atom Storage Box (.pdf file)


Big Thunder Mountain Railroad: Engine No. 4


Cars Paper Models (Beta)


Cerberus Paper Model (uses .rar file)


Cinderella Castle Paper Model


Cursed Treasure of Cortez Paper Model


Dead Man's Chest Paper Model


Disneyland Marquee Paper Model Set


Haunted Mansion Paper Models


Jack Sparrow's Compass Paper Model


Main Street Train Station Paper Model


Finding Nemo Paper Models


The Incredibles Omnidroid


Oogie Boogie's Dice


Sleeping Beauty Castle Paper Model


Snow White's Wishing Well Paper Model


Space Mountain (1977) Paper Model


Torre del Cielo


Tower of Terror: DCA Version Paper Model


TRON Lightcycle Paper Model


TRON Recognizer Paper Model


TWA Moonliner Paper Model


Zero Paper Model

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Friday, February 22, 2008

Make a Difference for a Soldier

Although the military services no longer accept "Any Servicemember" mail, the troops can still receive mail and care packages from patriotic citizens. Here is a short list from the Department of Defense of organizations that will help you send messages and packages, as well as provide other support.

Help For The Wounded
Angels Of Mercy
Azalea Charities Aid for Wounded Soldiers
Coalition to Salute America's Heroes
Comfort for America's Uniformed Services Elite
Helping Our Heroes Foundation
Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund
Wounded Warrior Project
Wounded Warriors

Entertainment For The Troops
Spirit of America
Stars For Stripes
U.S. Vet Aid

Letters And Messages

4 The Troops
A Million Thanks
Give 2 The Troops
Letters From Home
Marine Parents
My Soldier
Operation Dear Abby
Send a Message to Our Soldiers
Soldiers Angels
Support Our Soldiers America, Inc.
The Freedom Fund
Voices from Home Foundation

Military Family Support
Air Force Aid Society
American Military Family
Armed Forces Foundation
Association of the U.S. Army Family Programs
Children of Fallen Soldiers Relief Fund
Citizens Helping Heroes
Marine Moms Online
National Military Family Association
Operation Family Fund
Operation Homefront

Send Packages
4 The Troops
Adopt a Platoon
Have a Heart/Adopt a Soldier
Hugs from Home
Kitchen Table Gang
Operation AC
Operation Care and Comfort
Operation Care Packages
Operation Gratitude
Operation Homefront
Operation Military Pride
Operation Military Support
Operation Mom
Operation Shoebox
Operation We Care
Packages from Home
Patriot Packages
Soldiers' Angels
The Freedom Fund

Phone Cards
Cell Phones for Soldiers
Help Our Troops Call Home
Operation Uplink

Homes For Disabled Troops
Homes for our Troops
Military Housing Assistance Fund
Project Homefront

More Military Support Organizations

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