Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A Sex Scandal Retrospective

Okay, with the latest Foley scandal, it made me curious to look up what other shenanigans our government, religious, and social leaders have gotten involved with in the past and here is just a sprinkling of some of what I found online:

October 1964 - New tapes show LBJ struggled with aide's sex scandal
1965 to 1969 - Henry Hyde and Cherie Snodgrass
July 1969 - Mary Jo Kopechne and Ted Kennedy
1970's - West tied to sex abuse in '70s, using office to lure young men
October 1974 - Rep. Wilbur D. Mills and Stripper Fanne Fox
May 1976 - Rep. Wayne Hays' $14,000-a-Year Clerk Says She's His Mistress
June 1976 - Rep. Allan Turner Howe pays two policewomen for sex
October 1980 - Rep. Robert Bauman solicits sex from a 16-year old male
1980's - Rep. Jon Clifton Hinson solicits gay sex from undercover cop; performs oral sex on male govt. employee
1981 - Lynne Cheney publishes hot steamy lesbian sex novel
1091-1982 - Rep. Thomas Beverley Evans, Jr. and the Playboy Model
1983 - Congressional page sex scandal
1984 onward - Timeline: US Catholic sex scandal
1984-85 - Rep. Chuck Robb and the Beauty Queen
1987 - Jim Bakker and Jessica Hahn
July 1987 - Brock Adams accused of sexually harassing eight women
1988 - Gary Hart and Donna Rice and all that Monkey Business
1988 - President George H.W. Bush's Longtime Mistress
1988 - Jimmy "I Have Sinned" Swaggart's Prostitution Sex Scandal
February 1989 - Rep. Donald Edgar "Buz" Lukens and the 16 yr. old girl
June 1989 - The Franklin Credit Union Child-Sex Ring Scandal
August 1989 - Narcotics, wiretapping and pornography
February 1990 - Was Barney Frank's Apartment Used As a Bordello?
July 1990 - Henry Vinson's "Call Boy" Escort Service
1991 - Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill
September 1991 - Tailhook Scandal
1992 - Clinton Faces Sex Scandal
1994 - Rep. Melvin Jay "Mel" Reynolds' sexual assault on a 16 yr. old and his kiddie porn collection
1994 - Newt Gingrich's Girlfriend(s) On the Side
1995 - Senator Bob Packwood's Problem with Women
March 1995 - Henry Cisneros and mistress Linda Medlar
1996 - U.S. Legislators Who Supported the Anti-Gay “DoMA” Bill
1996 - The Hooker, Line And Sinker (Dick Morris, Toe-Sucker)
November 1996 - Military-civilian panel to probe Army sex scandal
1997 - Gov. Paul E. Patton and the Nursing Home Operator
February 1997 - Drew Eldred Nixon, a Texas State Senator, Solicits Undercover Male Cop
1998 - Whipped Cream Licking Bob Barr Pays for Wife's Abortion, Commits Perjury About It
December 1998 - Rep. Bob Livingston Forced to Resign
December 1998 - Biting another woman for not joining a sexual threesome
September 1999 - Bauer denies adultery reports
May 2000 - Rudy Giuliani and the Sanctity of Marriage
2001 - Jesse Jackson admits to adulterous affair and child out of wedlock.
2001 - Gary Condit and Chandra Levy Story
May 2002 - US: Sex scandal still haunts DynCorp (company recruiting police for Iraq)
October 2002 - Sex Scandal Roils Kentucky Statehouse
2003 - Senator Strom Thurmond's Love Child Revealed
April 2003 - J. Witness Child Sex Abuse Scandal
May 2003 - Gov. Robert Ellsworth "Bob" Wise, Jr.'s Extramarital Activity
October 2003 - Gov. Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger and his ladies
October 2003 - Rep. Steven C. LaTourette and the Lobbyist
2004 - Bill O'Reilly's Phone Fun
February 2004 - Gov. Perry Sex Scandal Brewing
May 2004 - The Hill's Sex Diarist Reveals All (Well, Some)
June 2004 - Ex-wife of GOP Senate candidate alleged sex club forays
August 2004 - Governor Jim McGreevey Resigns After Gay Love Affair Revealed
August 2004 - Sex Scandal Rocks Montana Town
February 2005 - "Gannongate" (male prostitute poses as White House reporter)
March 2005 - The U.N. Peacekeepers Sex Scandal
May 2005 - Neal Horsley, Christian right extremist, admits having sex with animals
April 2006 - Congressional Bribery and a DC Sex Scandal (Randy "Duke" Cunningham et al)
April 2006 - 2nd Homeland Security official in teen sex scandal
May 2006 - $1462 For Strippers Was Charged On Govt. Credit Card
May 2006 article - Gloves Off: Demand Answers from McCain About Adultery
May 2006 - Congressional Sex Scandal?
June 2006 - GOP Campaign Manager Guilty of Corruption of Minors
July 2006 - Pastor Bob Gray, President of Trinity Baptist College, Arrested for Child Molestation
September 2006 - Arkansas Mayor in Sex-for-Water Scandal
September 2006 - Sex scandal brings down another self-righteous Republican
2006 - The Foley Scandal
Adultery May Be A GOP Family Value In 2008

This list may be updated. If you have any scandals to add, please leave a comment.